Future Fins Side Bite 1 Thermo Tech


The Future Fins Side Bite 1 ThermoTech give you high performance hold, drive and speed in your longboard. Lightweight and durable they give you performance & no hassles.

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Future Fins Side Bite 1 Thermo Tech

The Future Fins Side Bite 1 Thermo Tech is the ideal compliment to your longboard. Your high performance longboard and other styles of longer boards such as mini-mals often have side boxes. The fins that fit these boxes are sometimes called stabiliser fins. However they do a lot more than just add stability, they give you advanced high performance. Working with your single fin they give extra hold. Being closer to the rail they bite into the wave face stopping your tail sliding out. The Side Bite also gives drive. Engaging with the wave face you get an extra boost of forward direction. So with this drive you also get a sense of speed, harnessing more of the wave power. The Future Side Bites are small with a low profile. So you get these performance benefits without drag slowing you down.

Construction of the Future Fins Side Bite 1 Thermo Tech is of Thermotech. This is not a soft easily bendable plastic. It is dense material so you get a solid consistent flex. They’re also light and long wearing. The fins come as a pair so you get two. They’re slightly angled at 4 degrees and if your board has Future fin boxes all this will be catered for by the board shaper. Another feature is the Futures Truss Base. This is holes in the base of the fin that reduce weight while letting the fin break under pressure. So in the event that you hit a rock or your Side Bite is impacted in some way, the fin will break helping reduce the likelihood of damage to your board. These are a great set of fins to enhance your longboard performance surfing. Check our full range of Surfboard Fins at Manly Surfboards>Surfboard Fins


Area 10.77 Height 3.57 Base 3.91 Foil Flat

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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