FCS II Tab Infill Kit


FCS II Tab Infill Set. Lets your old FCS fins work in new FCS II. Includes 10 screws and 5 infills. Check our Surfboards and Accessories NOW!

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FCS II Tab Infill Kit

The FCS II Tab Infill Kit answers the question most asked about the FCS II system. ‘How do my original FCS fins work in the new system?’ This kit contains all you need. There are grey silicon Infills that act as spacers. You place these where your original FCS fins tabs leave space in the FCS II fin box. So they slot into the front of your original FCS fin tab, being able to be inserted and pressed down till flush. The grub screws secure your original FCS fin tabs in the FCS II screw holes. Once installed the infills leave no gap. So you get a flat streamlined surface around your fins.

The infills are constructed of high quality silicon rubber. So while being sturdy they do flex slightly and will not damage your plugs or fins. They are also extremely light so won’t add any weight. They’re also durable so will withstand extreme temperature and harsh ocean conditions. The FCS II Tab Infill Kit includes: Centre Fin Compatibly Infill (x1), Side Fin Compatibility Infills (x4), Grub Screws so you can secure your fins in the boxes (x10), FCS Key (x1) Reusable zip lock bag. To find out more on how FCS can power your surfing check here: FCS Surf Advantage

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