DMC SOF Hand Training Paddle


The DMC SOF Hand Paddle gives you an advanced tech swim aid. Their soft construction provides feedback as to your stroke and finger form, while reducing shoulder, arm and neck strain. Siliform construction is proven durable

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DMC SOF Hand Training Paddle

The DMC SOF Hand Training Paddle gives you a unique and new level of swim training. The paddles attach to your hands. So as you make your swimming stroke the paddles create resistance through the water enhancing your training.  What makes them unique is their soft construction. They mould to your hand and they provide flex in the water.

In this way your hands and your muscles can feel the water enhancing the muscle memory process so creating a much more powerful and personalised development. According to DMC if you’re using old-style stiff paddles attached to your hands by tight straps, this static setup limits your muscle improvement.

A secondary benefit is that as you pull through your stroke, the non-rigid DMC Paddle provides feedback on your technique. If you pull through with correct hand form the paddle will flow smoothly with you. If your finger form wavers, the flex of the paddle will identify and accentuate the waver. So you’ll know what to correct.

Construction is of Siliform. This is a soft silicone based material used in DMC’s fin range. So it’s proven to be durable and to perform in the water. The paddles are a great way to improve your performance while also reducing strain on the arms, shoulder and neck muscles. Check our full range of Dive and Swim gear at Manly Surfboards>Dive and Swim

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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