C-Skins Element Junior Element 3-2mm Spring


C-Skins Element Junior Element 3-2mm Spring. Super flex upper body, Glide Skin comfy neck, back zip easy entry. Give your kids comfort and performance to maximise their beach fun.

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C-Skins Element Junior Element 3-2mm Spring

The C-Skins Element Junior Element 3-2mm Spring is a great kids wetsuit. C-Skins is a European brand so you get great quality along with performance and all the features right for your kids. The shape is a kids spring suit, with short arms and legs. Great for summer and mid season. The upper body is Xtend neoprene. This is super flexible so your kids can paddle with minimum resistance and get maximum performance. When doing moves they get the flex needed through the torso and upper body. The lower body is Free Flex neoprene, so there’s great warmth where needed, where the waist is underwater. The exterior chest panels front and back have Mesh Skin. This is a smoothie finish that reflects wind, maximising warmth. If your kids love their surfing, the smoothie panel makes a big difference adding warmth for their early and late surf.

Great Features

The back zip entry gives the easiest entry and exit of any suit. So your kids will be able to get in and out of their suit with minimum fuss. A Glide Skin collar provides a smooth finish so protects from rash while also preventing water entry.  Flat lock seams are used. These are seams that sit flush against the neoprene and so help reduce rash. This is a great feature in a kids spring suit. The suit also has True Thickness. This is a feature of the neoprene where you get actual 3mm and 2mm thickness not less. This thickness is made up of air bubbles so the suit is light and warm. There’s substantial knee protection on this high wear area and an internal key pocket finish this highest performance suit.

C-Skins is a European company so their products are designed for very cold conditions. With the mix of cold water temperatures, cold winds and lower sunshine levels their suits have to provide what’s needed for great surf sessions. Their mix of technology with design the C-Skins Element Kids 3-2mm Steamer gives your kid’s exactly what’s needed, extra warmth with great surfing performance at a great price for you. This is a great kids wetsuit. To find out more on how C-Skins Wetsuits can power your surfing check here: C-Skins Wetsuits Warmth & Performance

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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