Bones Ceramic Super Red Bearings 8 Pack


The Bones Ceramic Super Red Bearings Pack gives you elite-level skating with lightweight, speed & durability. Advanced ceramic construction cleans as you ride keep you at maximum performance

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Bones Ceramic Super Red Bearings 8 Pack

The Bones Ceramic Super Red Bearings 8 Pack gives you elite-level skating with value. The bearings use Bones most advanced technology, so the only thing separating them from the highest-end model is that they’re made in China, not Switzerland. Constructed of Grade 5 silicone nitride ceramic, for skate purposes, they’re perfectly round giving an unmatched smooth ride.

The silicone nitride is half the weight of steel and 7 times harder. So times that by eight bearings, there’s a lot less weight you’re carrying, giving you way more speed. Isostatically pressed, the bearings have greater density, less brittleness, and great strength. So are more capable of withstanding the extensive impact associated with skating.

Additional benefits of ceramic construction include they won’t rust. So while in use they actually clean your bearings of rust and other debris as you roll. Giving you a continually better ride. The bearing races that the ceramic balls roll in also feature higher materials and finish so will stay true and last longer.

The nylon ball retainer is uprated so matching the greater strength and speed of the bearing. The protective rubber shield has no direct contact giving less friction and is easily removable. Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant means you’re all good to go skate at the highest level. Check our full range of Skate Gear at Manly Surfboards>Skate

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