Billabong Since 73 Bucket Hat


The Billabong Since 73 Bucket Hat gives you a special look with foam white base and pink & caramel applique. You get a great comfy cotton base with corduroy colours. Fit is easy with one size fits all

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Billabong Since 73 Bucket Hat

The Billabong Since 73 Bucket Hat gives you a unique look while protecting from the sun. Each hat in Billabong’s range is special and what sets this hat apart is it’s unique blend of materials and colours. For colours you get a clean foam white as the hat base that blends with the surf while giving contrast to the ocean blues and sand golds.

Applied to this are two great ice cream colours, a washed out strawberry pink and similar faded caramel. These give your hat it’s own fun summer style. That sense of all the good times you have at the beach. Together the three colours work great giving you a distinctive look.

The material in the hat is a cotton twill on the base that’s super comfy and quick dry. It’s easy against your skin. The pink and caramel are done in a corduroy. This is textured giving a great natural earthy feel. The shape of the hat, like a bucket, means one size fits all. The hat pulled down on your head till your fit is snug.

The small brim will keep the overhead sun off your nose and face so you get some sun protection. It’s easy to roll up and stick in your bag so you can easily have it at hand whenever needed. This is a great beach surf hat. Check our full range of hats and Womens Clothing at Manly Surfboards>Womens Clothing

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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