Billabong Rumours Reef Break Sunshirt


The Billabong Rumours Reef Break Sun Shirt gives you long sleeve and UPF 50+ protection. A short front zip gives versatility. For surfing keep it zipped up. For fun zip it down

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Billabong Rumours Reef Break Sunshirt

The Billabong Rumours Reef Break Sunshirt gives you real surf style with long sleeve extra protection. Construction is of recycled polyester so you get a  snug fit without too much stretch or ballooning. Fit is classic, so hugging your body making it great to surf in, going through waves, duck diving. The 50+ UPF rating gives great sun protection.

The long sleeves give extra protection so you can have fun in the sun without worry. You get arm protection from the blustery sea breeze and sea stingers. This can help extend your surfing time and performance, keeping your arms and upper body warm. While surfing or swimming you’ve got less to worry about so can enjoy your surf to the max.

Even if you’re not in the water the sunshirt has a great look. A highlight print on the sides and under sleeves adds a lot of detail contrast. A great feature is the short length front zip. This gives you versatility. While surfing you can keep it zipped up so waves don’t wash in.

On the beach as you warm up you can zip partway or fully down to cool down so have a different new look and style. This is a great top for your surfing and beach going. Check our full range of Billabong Gear and Womens Rash Vests at Manly Surfboards>Womens Rash Vests


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