Billabong Rumbo Naomi Skirt


The Billabong Rumbo Naomi Skirt gives you a chic gathered side design with versatile long to short coverage. Being able to be worn with the gathering on the side or front you can control where attention goes.

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Billabong Rumbo Naomi Skirt

The Billabong Rumbo Naomi Skirt gives you a great way to mix up your beach look. It’s the bottom of an ensemble so you’ve got the bikini top available as a separate item. What makes this bottom interesting is that it sits high. The waist sits just below your belly button, and the hem can go low to mid thigh.

So you get full bum coverage. Useful if you’re sitting on a hard or abrasive surface like beach rocks. The skirt features an unsual closure. There’s no zip, belt or drawstring at the waist. Instead there’s a drawstring that sits vertically. So pulling the drawstring makes the skirt snug at the same time creating a gathered ruching effect. It’s a different look that you don’t often see, yet works well.

The skirt is versatile. So the gathering can be on one side of your hips, the cord loose at the side of your thigh. Or the gathering can be at the front. So the cord would be between your legs. In either of these locations the skirt can also be pulled lower covering more of your thigh. Or gathered high and shorter so showing more leg.

The skirt features a white hibiscus print on a jade green background. The simple effective design conjouring the feel of summer. Check our full range of Beach Wear at Manly Surfboards>Beachwear

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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