Billabong All Day Surf Cap


The Billabong All Day SurfCap gives you great nose, face & back of your neck protection with cool shade. With removable rear flap you get versatility to use it as a great surf cap

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Billabong All Day Surf Cap

The Billabong All Day Surf Cap gives you great protection from the elements, great surfing and versatility. Using similar technology to Billabong’s leading boardshorts, this hat helps you surf all day. The visor gives great sun protection on your nose and face. The side of your ears and the full back of your neck receive protection from the added rear flap.

The visor and flap create shade so cool air can circulate keeping you cooler than other caps. The high crown also prevents the sun beating down directly on your head. The visor is reinforced so it won’t flop down into your eyes when you’re duck diving. It’s also anti drip, preventing drips in your eyes too.

The fabric is super stretch giving comfort, moulding to your unique head shape. It’s also super light, something that becomes real important after a little time surfing. Additional comfort comes from the neoprene headband that is soft and smooth against your forehead.

The chin strap is also soft and comfy. You get good versatility in that you can remove the rear flap and then you’ve got a typical surf cap you can wear almost anywhere.


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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm


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