Land & Sea Sports Personal Floatation Device PFD L50


Land & Sea Sports Floatation Device PFD L50 gives safety in your water activities with high vis & great durability. It meets Australian standards and includes straps and clip for accessory and easy drying.



Land & Sea Sports Personal Floatation Device PFD L50

The Land & Sea Sports Personal Floatation Device PFD L50 gives you safety. It’s a floatation vest that you wear over your water gear, rash vest or wetsuit. It gives you safety so that if you get dumped, or pitched off your board, SUP, kayak or thrown out of your boat you will float on the water surface. Note that this type of floatation device is mandatory for boating. A floatation device of the correct size must be provided for each boat passenger. The vest itself is constructed with buoyant foam covered with hard wearing fabric so it’s durable. The foam gives you the floatation you need, however it’s not too bulky so provides minimum interference with your paddling and upper body movement.

To secure the Land & Sea Sports Personal Floatation Device L50 to your body there’s solid spring clips. These are easy to secure by simply pushing together. So they won’t come apart inadvertently as you need a two finger grip to release them. To ensure a great fit the clips have a slide fixture so you can get the exact strap length for your body. The vest is bright red so will be seen in the water. It’s got additional straps and a clip to secure other items to it or to assist hanging your vest up for drying out. The Land & Sea PFD L50 is of sturdy construction and is Australian standard approved. It’s great to have on hand for any water and boating activities. Check our full range of Dive & Swim Gear at Manly Surfboards>Dive and Swim

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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