ION Womens Wetsuit BS Trinity Core Semidry 3-2mm FZ DL


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ION Womens Wetsuit BS Trinity Core Semidry 3-2mm FZ DL. Great warmth, flex, comfort. Double thread GBS sealed. Check our Wetsuits Online NOW!


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ION Womens Wetsuit BS Trinity Core Semidry 3-2mm FZ DL

The ION Womens Wetsuit BS Trinity Core Semidry 3-2mm FZ DL has a great look and style along with performance features. This suit features a front chest zip entry. This provides the best combination between easy of entry and exit while restricting water entry. Sealed GBS Glued Blind Stitching seams further reduce water entry maximising warmth. Internally these GBS seams have no stitching so you also get a smooth super comfortable finish. These sealed seams are important for giving you the best performance. They keep cold water getting in so you don’t become numb and stiff. Once a small amount of water enters it’s trapped. It heats up with your body heat and keeps your warm for your session.

Grind_Tex knee panels provide abrasion protection so you don’t get wear on the knees. These panels also reduce knee bulk. This gives you an advantage in being able to get to your feet more easily even carrying the extra weight of your suit. A durable nylon exterior finishes the legs and torso. The Ion neoprene is know for it’s high quality. When you put the suit on you’ll notice how its fits your body like a glove. This neoprene also gives the suit overall high performance with greater flexibility and great warmth. So this higher quality neoprene will help your suit last from season to season. The ION Trinity Womens Wetsuit Semidry 3-2mm brings key features together so you get comfort and performance. When paddling you’ll go farther, faster with less fatigue with great flex in your upper body. When surfing the flex in your lower body will allow the release of your energy into big moves. It will keep you warm and snug and is a great all-round wetsuit. To find out more on how ION Wetsuits can power your surfing check here: ION Wetsuits Core Performance

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm


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