ION Wetsuits Core Winter Performance

ION Wetsuits Main ImageION Wetsuits Core Winter Performance

ION Wetsuits focus on what’s essential to give you the best winter surfing. For ION this is all about the highest quality neoprene. So you super warmth, maximum flexibility, comfort, and performance at the heart of your wetsuit.

You also get get plenty of high tech additions, with the latest fleece, super tape, external seam sealing, and more. ION gives you quality without gimmicks.

For 2021

ION has brought to market innovations in all key aspects of their wetsuits. Their DryGrid is a new material that absorbs 30% less water, in the water. If you’ve ever felt the difference between your wetsuit when it’s dry and when it’s wet you know it’s much heavier. DryGrid keeps the weight off that directly equates to maximising your personal energy and performance on the wave. Keeping and staying warm is optimsed with the Plasma Plush 2.0. As the name says it’s the latest update to keep your body heat in and generating heat from your body movement.

ION Wetsuits Innovations

ION has improved on their already great wetsuit features with a range of quality innovations that’ll make a big difference to  your cold water surfing performance

ION Wetsuit Innovations In The Surf

Power Seams go to the next level keeping the cold water out and the warm water inside your suit. Improvements include greater stick, thicker application and longer durability. I Foam is a new neoprene that while maintaining all the super flex and strength, gives greater insulation and reduces weight with the incorporation of more air bubbles inside its structure. The air is a great insulator, adding thickness but not bulk or weight. Try an ION Wetsuit on and you’ll be amazed at the smooth and comfy feel, a direct reflection of their quality.

Quality Neoprene

ION Wetsuits Early Morning Lineup

In the crisp early morning lineup you want to be warm, able to move, to perform. ION’s neoprene is super quality, super flexi. So you feel better, surf better
ION Wetsuits AirHigh performance surfing in ION

ION Wetsuits Onyx Select Wetsuit Element Wetsuit

ION use incredible quality neoprene across their range. So you get great winter surfing. These are their Select and Element suits

To your touch ION neoprene is soft and supple yet substantive. So it sculpts to your body and this gives you a huge benefit.

The principle on which a wetsuit keeps you warm isn’t primarily in the fleecy lining, tape and add-ons. It’s in trapping a water layer between your body and the neoprene. Staying trapped this water heats up and with the insulation of the neoprene keeps you warm.

ION Wetsuits Trinity Womens Wetsuit Kids Element Wetsuit

ION’s Trinity Women’s suit is high performance and feature rich. Their Element Kids wetsuit is a great performance suit for the up-coming surfer

ION Wetsuits Early or Late

Early or late, ION keeps the elements at bay

At doing this ION is exceptional. Their neoprene is super supple and insulating. It fits snugly to your own unique body shape. The water layer gets trapped most effectively so you get maximum warmth. There’s no loose areas, no cold flushing. As a result of the great fit from the neoprene the chance of chafing and rashing are also greatly reduced.

ION Wetsuits Wide Range

The ION range includes spring suits for men and women, booties and hoods

ION Wetsuits Backhand Smack

Super flex high quality neoprene will get you in and out of any performance move you make

While supple, the neoprene is substantive and lightweight. It repels the cold and the elements, providing great insulation. As soon as you put it on you can feel your body warm but you don’t feel weight. Once in the water the quality neoprene stays light as it doesn’t carry extra weight via absorption.

ION Wetsuits PerformanceION Wetsuits Air

ION gives you lightweight pop and performance

 ION Wetsuits Sweep_Cut

The cut of the suit, here the back shoulder Sweep_Cut, shows the way the panel and stitching optimise your paddling and freedom of movement

Light weight and suppleness equates to performance.

You get performance in your paddling as the quality neoprene stretches effortlessly with each stroke. Paddling out, paddling into each wave, you’ll notice additional stamina as your suit isn’t pulling against you.

Getting up on the wave there’s no constraint around your lower body. Flexibility combined with the lightweight helps you spring to your feet.

ION Wetsuits Ninja_Knee

The Ninja_Knee contours the neoprene at the back of your knee so you get maximum movement, no bunching up, in this critical area

ION Wetsuits Lip Smack

Big moves or smooth flows, ION is great to surf in

Once on the wave if you crouch for the tube you’ll find you can get lower, in a more natural stance, the neoprene almost unnoticeable. You’ll have freedom of movement going for and making bigger moves.

Any discussion about performance has to include the cut of the suit. While weight and flex are vital, these benefits can be undone by poor suit cut with inappropriate stitching. Stitching doesn’t flex as well as the neoprene so stitching adds stiffness.

To reduce costs some brands use smaller pieces of neoprene. The neoprene might be super flexi but once stitched its flex is limited by the stitching. The more panels in a suit, the more stitching, the less performance.

ION mimise stitching with special panels. The Sweep_Cut is a definitive panel and cut for your back shoulders that optimises the shape of the stitching so you get the maximum flex. Single_Seam used on the legs likewise gives you maximum flex. The body panels have minimal pieces from the shoulder to knee so your flex through your whole back area and torso is maximised.

Each of these features adds up to give you ultra high performance without reducing warmth and durability.

ION Wetsuits Additions

ION Wetsuits On Dark Surfing

On dark, ION will keep you warm

ION Wetsuits Plasma_Plush Hot_Stuff Lining

Plasma_Plush and Hot_Stuff linings are purpose designed to provide the right balance of warmth and performance where needed

To their high quality neoprene core, great cut and design, ION add the latest wetsuit tech.

The fleece of your suit is Plasma_Plush. This is a short loop material that provides a high density area to trap your body heat. Hydrophobic, it doesn’t absorb water. After a dumping the water doesn’t add extra weight on the inside of your suit. After your surf it quick dries so you’re ready for your next session.

ION Wetsuits Seam Reinforcement Seal_Tite

Key stress points in the suit are reinforced. Seal_Tite keeps you from cold water flushes

In areas where streamlining is important there’s the proven Hot_Stuff. This is another internal lining that is great at retaining body heat. However it’s not as furry as the Plasma_Plush. So you get warmth and super flexibility for high performance without the bulk.

ION Wetsuits Power_Seam Maki_Tape

Power_Seam gives you an additional external seal. On the inside Maki_Tape seals the seams

ION Wetsuits Barrel

Deep barrels are snug in your ION

Power_Seam is ION’s sealing of the exterior wetsuit seams. This is a feature some brands have dropped because they can’t get it right. It’s a great feature as it provides maximum sealing of your suit. Seeping water entry is prevented. For example if you’re sitting on your board and the seam is stretched, water can enter via the stitch holes. Power_Seam seals from the outside.

Behind this sealing, on the inside of the suit is Maki_Tape. An ultra-fine tape this covers internal stitching both preventing the seams from pulling apart under strain, and preventing water seeping. Additional reinforcement is also added at stress points so durability is increased. The tape is super fine so will not rash or chaff.

ION Wetsuits Key Pocket Drain Holes

Hidden key pocket on the inside is extra secure. Extra water released through drain holes keeps you light

Ninja_Knees is a feature where the neoprene is contoured to the back of your knee. It makes it super easy to bend your knee, a key requirement in your hard core manoeuvres.

ION Wetsuits Eco BenefitION Wetsuits Aqua_Alpha Sanitised

Aqua_Alpha is a new adhesive technology for sealing the tape  and the seams. It’s fully eco friendly to the workforce and environment. So you retain that new feeling longer ION suits are sanitised

Matched with the imperative to improve product design, ION also constantly improves its production processes to aid the environment.

The Maki_Tape uses a new technology called Aqua-Alpha, a glue that is solvent-free and environmentally friendly. This reduces one of the most toxic agents in wetsuit production. It greatly improves the amenity of the workplace while reducing environmental impact.

Another eco aspect is sanitisation. Your suit inner lining has a treatment that combats bacterial build up. This improves the overall wear, reducing odour. This may sound like a small thing but it keeps your suit feeling newer much longer.

ION Wetsuits Quality That Benefits You

ION Wetsuits Lip Smack

ION is Europe’s leading watersport brand. Their wetsuits give you the benefit of quality materials, huge research and development for tech features, elite level comfort, and performance. All built on high quality neoprene.

ION gives you a great winter’s surfing.

To check all our great ION gear and buy online click here.

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