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Pyzel Surfboards

Pyzel Surfboards are the boards of John John Florence, World Champion. He’s got talent, technique, perseverance, and without question he’s got incredible boards. So how can John John’s surfboards benefit your surfing? According to John Pyzel, John John’s shaper, John John sticks roughly to a quiver of three main boards.


Three magic boards? Can you get one of these under your feet?

Before we go there it’s import to understand why these boards work, and that comes through acknowledging the relationship between John John and his shaper. Pyzel has been shaping boards for John John for 20 years! These boards are not just the latest gimmick or in the spotlight due to some viral video.

Proven Designs

Pyzel designs are proven. But what does that mean?

All the features Pyzel blends together, the rocker, volume, rails, tail shape, nose flip, all are maximized, super optimized, to perform incredibly together. Blending the best combination of features together, through trial, experimentation and contest victories, over years, gives you a board proven to work.

Gimmicky designs, with one or two hyped features, can’t and don’t deliver this. They in fact often damage or stunt your surfing. On the Tour, John John’s Pyzel surfboards performed better, consistently better, than his elite level peers competing in the same conditions.

This is what you need.

Board To Help You Surf Better

You need boards to help you surf consistently better, better than the other guys out there. Regardless of what the waves are like you want to shine, surfing your best in good or bad, sloppy or clean.

Examining the many heats surfed and events won on the way to John John’s World Title, the general surf conditions are the same as the waves we surf day to day. Sloppy, lumpy, backwashy, closing out, with odd good sections, odd good sessions.

Pyzel boards work fantastic in our type of surf conditions.

So which Pyzel board is for you?

You have a selection of over twenty Pyzel board models. It’s worth noting that Pyzel’s 74 model was voted world’s best in the blind test of 13 of the world’s best shapers conducted by STAB Magazine. Plenty of World Tour rippers ride them.

This is just another indication of how good Pyzel boards are.

There’s boards optimized for micro and small waves, like the Stubby Bastard and Rat Skull, through to all out chargers like the 74. For the bigger surfer or bigger waves there’s the stepups. There’s a board for anything you want to surf.

Let’s look at John John’s 3 favourite boards.

Choose Your Quiver

The Bastard is the everyday, all rounder go-to board. Considered high performance, it’s a design for someone who can surf. A single continuous bottom rocker and concave give the board a liveliness from good water flow. The outline, with its narrower nose is easier to throw around. The subtle hip gives looseness, easy for direction changes. The pulled in tail gives bite so you can still turn hard in sucky waves and sections.

The Ghost is next in the quiver. A small step up for John John, only a couple of inches, volume distribution is different with more displacement from under your chest to the board nose. This makes for good paddling and easy getting into gnarly waves.

A single concave merges into a double. This provides speed along with a little help to go rail to rail. There’s more bottom rocker in the rear of the board so will provide more turning, less of a skatie feel, allowing you control to bring on big moves in powerful, sucky, fast waves.

The Next Step is John John’s step up board. It’s not a gun, but is on the way there. Features include good paddling from volume and thickness from chest to nose. A pulled in nose won’t catch wind coming up the wave face, what you need for paddle-ins on taller bigger waves.

It has more bottom curve throughout the board, the more rocker in the nose helping cope with steeper drops and fuller rail turns. More rocker in the tail aids turning on bigger faces where speed is ontap.

While designed to feel more like a shortboard than a gun, the tail is pulled in from around the mid point so there’s a mix of more bite with a tightening up, what you need for drawing out longer turns on bigger waves. Lower refined rails add a sensitivity. It will sense your body movement and go in the direction you want.

Pyzel surfboards. Pick the board you like, mix and match from the Pyzel range, or get yourself the full John John quiver!