Bodyboard Bags

Bodyboard Bags

Bodyboard Bags keep your board surfing well and gear working well. So investing in a good Bodyboard bag will return lots of benefits to you, out in the water, helping you surf well too. Bodyboard Bags or Bodyboard Covers or Bodyboard Socks come offering 3 different levels of protection and each is great to use depending on how you get around with your board and where you’re surfing.

First Line of Protection


Bodyboard Stretch Bags  also called Stretch Covers, Socks and Sox give great lite protection. They’re light, fast and easy to get on and off. Ideal for having on your board when it gets thrown in the back of your vehicle. You’ll get protection from wax that will affect performance, scuffs and scratches. Featured left to right the VS Board Sock, Manta Bodyboard Cover, Creatures Stretch Sox Bodyboard Bag

The easiest bag to have on hand is a Bodyboard Stretch Bag, stretch cover, sock or sox. This is a woven bag of cotton or polyster-type material that includes an elastic fibre. So as you put your board in the Bodyboard Sock, the bag stretches open then contracts shut to give you a super snug fit. There’s no saggy bits to snag or get caught. Also the elastic gives the fabric body and depth. It’s not too thin.

When your board gets the odd bang or bump the elastic itself absorbs some of the impact, flexing and stretching, redirecting the force away. One of the biggest benefits of this type of Bodyboard Sock is when surfing with mates. It’s so handy to have on your board. Slide off, you’re surfing.

Also when with your mate’s boards are thrown in the back of your car, the stretch sock will prevent wax or other sticky substances getting on your slick. This will maintain your high speed performance. There’s also protection from scratches and scuffs to your board and your car. Keeping both great in great condition.


This is a minimalist first line of protection so the Bodyboard Sock doesn’t add bulk. This type of Stretch Bag is great for use around the home. With it on you can easily slide your board under your bed, or couch, or behind a door. The cover is perfect for keeping off dust.

The stretch Bodyboard Sock is sealed with a drawstring and dongle. So you can open the bag wide and it will stretch to take fins, wetsuit, leash, wax, and a lot of other general accessories. Pull the drawstring shut and it will all be there when you need it.

This stretch bag can also be used inside any of your other bags. It will keep wax off your board and also add another layer of protection.

Grab & Go


Helping you get around with your board, day bags give you carry handles, maybe a shoulder strap, and backpack shoulder straps. All the bags above feature extra compartments including a large external pocket that has mesh. So you can put fins, wax, whatever you need in there. The mesh allows your wet gear, especially your wet wetsuit to dry out. These Bodyboard Covers all have great marine grade free running zips. The bags from left to right are NMD Adventure Bodyboard Bag, Creatures Day Use Bodyboard Bag and Stealth Basic Bodyboard Bag

The next level of Bodyboard Bag gives you the added benefits of carry handles and specific compartments for storage. These Bodyboard Covers are normally made from nylon or some other non-absorbent material. So when you put your board in after a surf the water will run out rather than stay in the bag. Their shape also gives you a pretty snug fit.

Not having water stay on your gear is pretty important as harsh odours can develop that are hard to get rid of.

The bags open up with a zip or velcro closure. The zip can be just enough to open up the bag end, or big enough to open up the whole bag. The benefit of a short zip is that it’s normally a one step move to get your board out. Unzip and it falls into your hand. With a Bodyboard Cover with a longer zip the benefit is that your bag can be opened right up. So if you’ve got your wettie or spare leash, or wax in there you can easily get at it.

These type of Bodyboard Covers have pockets on the outside where you can store your surfing accessories. The more innovative bags have mesh compartments that allow your wet wetsuit to get a lot of circulation to dry out fast, while still being in your bag.


In terms of carry benefits as a minimum these Bodyboard Carriers give you a side handle. This makes it so much easier to get around with your board, rather than holding it under your arm. The more gear you have in your bag the easier this handle makes it. A shoulder strap gives another level of benefit as you can carry your board and leave your hands free. So you can carry other gear like beach umbrella or esky.

Backpack straps are also offered. These also leave your hands free and your board right out of the way. It takes all the weight and puts it where it’s almost unnoticeable.

Go Far


When you’re doing heavy duty travelling you need a heavy duty bag. All the bags above are padded giving extra protection. The outer materials are much stronger higher rated fabrics. You can see the reflective fabrics providing sun protection and the center bag has a proprietary fabric that also defeats heat. All the bags have additional compartments including mesh and support multiple boards and a lot of gear. The two bags on the right have wheels making them a breeze to get around with – as long as the surface is flat. The Bodyboard Bags are from left to right Stealth Carrier Bodyboard Bag, Creatures Quad Wheely 10mm Bodyboard Bag and Stealth Tank Bodyboard Bag

The last type of bag is your Bodyboard Travel Bag. This is a Bodyboard carrier specially designed for travel. It takes the best features of the other bags and enhances them.

When travelling the bangs and bumps you face are bigger. So the travel bags have thick foam padding. This will deflect and absorb impacts. The zips are bigger and more robust, so much less likely to fail and leave you with your board or bag contents spilling out over the street or airport check-in. The zips are double headed so you can lock them together giving you a good amount of security against tampering.

The compartments also are bigger, able to hold more. Such as a spare wetsuit or two sets of fins. The compartments can be internal helping you manage your gear. External compartments have a mesh section, allowing air to circulate without exposing exactly what you’ve got stashed.

Plus Size

These Bodyboard Covers can be over-size. So you can fit in several boards, or even more gear. Maybe clothes, shoes, or your entire travel itinerary.

The handles are padded so the side, shoulder and backpack straps give you  more comfort when you’re carrying for the long haul. This is a real comfort benefit when you’re dealing with the extra weight.

At the highest level, there’s Bodyboard Bags with wheels. In areas where there’s a flat surface you get amazing ease in getting your bag around. So whether it’s from car to check-in, along the road to your accommodation, or into the elevator, every step you take with wheels saves your arm and back from dragging.


Protecting your Bodyboard and gear can be further enhanced by using the Bodyboard Covers in combination. The Stretch Bag is often used inside other bags. So when you arrive at your destination you’ve got a lightweight easy way to get around with your board. While still having protection.

Similarly, using the standard Bodyboard Bag inside a travel cover gives you handles and storage, making it ideal for a day trip or more.

Your Bodyboard Bag

Check us out online and come in-store and have a good look at what we’ve got available for your Bodyboarding. From great value to great performance, we have the perfect Bodyboard Bag for you.

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