Billabong Manly

Billabong Manly 2023

Billabong Manly 2023

Enhancing the Billabong  Manly range for 2023 you get fashion and function combined with new eco fabrics and materials. So you’ll be looking, feeling and surfing great, while helping the environment.

In the demanding world of surf and the surfing lifestyle, having the best gear from Billabong means you’ll be at your best. Highlights from the range are below.

In the Water

To perform your best in the surf you need to be feeling your best. That means regardless of the conditions, hot or cold, summer, winter or mid season, you need to be comfortable, having the freedom to perform.

Girl Surfer

If you’re a girl surfer, you don’t want to be worrying about a surfwear malfunction or closure or zip mishap. Billabong gear is built for the surf and their range gives you the ability to pick and choose tops and bottoms to best suit the surf conditions, your personal style and comfort preference. This gives you great flexibility.

For summer, for example, you can go with one of Billabong’s sport-style bikini tops that’s substantive in its textured fabric and form giving you support, protection and comfort while paddling.

You can pair this top with a bikini style pant, that’s also designed to give protection and support for sitting on your board. Or you can pair with one of the great Billabong boardshort range to match you colour and design preference. Surfing in boardshorts provides great support and protection, as well as somewhere to stash your wax, key, card, or sunscreen.


Billabong’s Summer High Mia DD Bralette gives you great support and protection for paddling. You can pair this top with any of Billabong’s pant options including the Billabong Sol Searcher Tropic Pant, or boardshorts such as the Billabong Tribong Pro Boardshorts and Billabong Volts OG Boardshorts

As the season changes and the year progresses Billabong gives you great options for your beach and surf time. You’ve got the choice of body and swimsuits, through to spring suits and steamers.


For most of your surfing a spring suit is fantastic. It’s great for getting wet on those cooler early summer mornings and those blustery summer arvos. It will take you through the mid-seasons of Spring and Autumn so keeps you surfing in comfort most of the year. Billabong’s Salty Dayz range of spring suits, above on the left, give you a super soft and supple neoprene for comfort and great flexibility. This equates to good paddling, wave catching and performance surfing. There’s also a selection of rash tops that are also great to surf in, shown are the  Billabong Tropicana Mid Sleeve Sunshirt Womens Rashvest and Billabong La Mer Zip Thru Sunshirt Womens Rashvest. Billabong’s swimsuits also keep you covered for after-surf and time layzing on the beach. Shown are the Billabong Summer High Chloe Onepiece and Billabong Kalluah Mia DD One Piece


Guy Surfer


On the left you have the Billabong Sundays LT Boardshorts giving a fuller comfy cut, fun for surf and also working as a walkshort. Middle is the Billabong Pro Boardshorts, streamlined with less panels and less material, so great for reducing chaffing and wave drag making for high performance. The Billabong Absolute Wetsuit Jacket gives you warmth and comfort throughout summer to mid season and incorporates recycled foam and smooth riding internal silicon finish

Billabong is constantly improving its range. In boardshorts, for example, you get material that has a micro repel treatment. So they barely get wet, and if they do, they dry quick. This material also has multi stretch characteristics. So you get comfort and maximum performance for your big surf moves.

In terms of style you also get options. Such as a more generous casual fit with elastic waistband and fuller cut, so givng you fun in the surf and a lightweight breezie feel as a walk short. For your high performance surfing you can get a streamlined cut , a hugging waist reducing wave drag, with less panels and stitching reducing the chance of chafing.


Incorporating graphene, Billabong’s latest wetsuits give a whole new light weight performance experience. On the left is the Billabong 403 Furnace Comp CZ. This suit gives extra warmth with 4mm body foam, while still givng you ‘competition’ super high performance. An update to the Billabong Command Backpack sees the low profile all black look. To finish off your surf or for just enjoying time on the sand the Billabong Lifes Short Towel is 100% cotton and super comfy

You can pair the shorts with any of the great rashvests or wetsuit jackets. New features include greater use of recycled foam and an internal silicon finish so your gear glides on and off and is feeling smooth when surfing.

High end Billabong wetsuits use graphene giving you a new lightweight high performance feel, and there’s a number of updated accessories in the range to make your surfing life that much better. Get online or come instore and checkout what will best suit you and your surfing.

Billabong Manly

Stylish, ultra cool and functional surf gear doesn’t get better than our Billabong Manly range. One of the original and iconic surf brands, Billabong continues to progress. You get the latest looks and style, renewable ethos, and the most advanced surfing tech. Womens and Mens, Teens, Juniors to Groms, from wetsuits to hoodies, super stylish swimmers, bikinis and one-piece, to the latest accessories and surf gear. We have it all.


From pure fun in the sun, to hard core surfing. Billabong gives you the perfect mix of style and comfort, form and function. This is what you want and what you need at your local surf scene or remote destination



Within our Billabong Manly range there’s Billabong Adventure Division gear. These are items that receive input from Billabong’s elite athletes, so not only are you styling, they’re proven to give you the performance edge

With our Billabong Manly range it’s all fun.

No other surf range brings together the feel of surf and sun, in a range of apparel and gear that you can style in and perform in. While it’s vital to look good, if you’re wearing your boardshorts or bikini out on that tropic island, or it’s your early morning or mid winter surf in your springie or steamer wetsuit, through to adventuring with your pack keeping the sun at bay with your cap, your gear has to work too.

Billabong brings it all together.

Unique Fun Feel

Billabong Manly’s range of designs give you style that’s unique. Style is hard to define yet you know it when you see it. Unique style means you won’t be wearing the same as anyone and everyone else. You can match it to you.

A good example is our range of footwear. Cool thongs, flip flops to styling slip ons. The mix of colours, patterns, prints, and functional features are like those you won’t find in any other range.


At the beach, on the sand, or going up market. The range of Billabong Manly thongs and footwear covers every aspect of your desired look


Swimwear, bikinis, one piece and mix and match ensembles give you another way to show off your look, your personal style. Including the renewable ethos using recycle fabrics yet maximising comfort and finish, you get the latest style and comfort.


From your core swimwear, to a layered garment and throw over, your look is unique, stylish


When it’s time to get into the water. It may be for a splash, a snorkel, or for hard core surfing, you want to make sure you can perform. Billabong’s Womens wetsuit range gives you the look, with the neoprene cut and technology to be your best. Paddling hard and fast, being flexible able to pop up and position for your power moves, keeping warm for the early or the coldest winter water. Check the details and you’ll find your Billabong gear excels.


For time in the water your Billabong gear is designed for look and functionality. Look good, feel good, and excel

Core Performance

Surfing hard and winning, like the Pros, you need a total solution. Wetsuits that can get you out in the most adverse conditions, that will keep you paddling your best and supporting you through your biggest moves. Boardshorts for warmer water that don’t get you caught up or give you rash. Hoodies and tees for when you want your body to relax and recover. Billabong includes elite WSL World Tour surfers Griffin Collapinto and Italo Ferreira in the list of Team Riders providing input into your gear.


Above, Griffin Collapinto surfing on the left and styling on the right in his Billabong short sleeve steamer and long arm springsuit. You need the right type of wetsuit for your conditions. Wearing a full steamer when the water and air are warm, you’ll overheat, maybe get heat stroke. Wearing a springsuit when conditions are freezing, your muscles will stiffen and could result in an injury. Billabong has the right suit for you to perform your best. Below, Italo Ferreira on the left with his Billabong hat making his way out to the break with his peeps. Surfing your best means having the right gear to keep you at your best. You can’t surf if your nose and face are burnt from the sun. The right head gear will reflect the sun, shade your face, helping you keep your cool for big moves surfing as long as you want


Leading in its application of technology, Billabong includes Graphene in its wetsuits. This is meant to enhance the heat properties keeping you warmer while making your suit lighter. The neoprene and fabric used feature sustainable and recycle production processes. So your surfing performance is being good to the world.


Billabong implements the latest technologies such as graphene to give you the best performance in the harshest conditions. Out of the water you have the right gear for you to rest and recover fast, ready for your next session


For Everyone

No one is left out in our Billabong Manly range. Groms get the same styling super functional designs to excel, in and out of the water. They surf their best, look their best, protected from the sun, UV rays, and hot or cold conditions.


It’s About Fun – It’s About Adventure

Surfing is all about fun and whether it’s in the sun or the cold, in the water or on land, the Billabong Manly range has all you need to have the best time. For you, your Besties and your Peeps.


Fun with your Besties at your local beach




Surfing is also all about adventure. Whether it’s fronting up to what the surf’s like on a new day at your local break, or going to the remotest tropical island or snow covered beach. Billabong Manly surf gear range has everything you need to get you performing your best, in style.


With your Peeps keeping it casual, or heading out into the adventure of a lifetime


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