TLS Micro Fibre Adults Poncho


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TLS Micro Fibre Adults Poncho. Throw it on or off on your way to or from the beach or at home. Soft smooth micro fibre. Check our Surf Gear Online NOW!


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TLS Micro Fibre Adults Poncho

Keep yourself styling and comfortable at the beach with this great TLS Micro Fibre Adults Poncho. This is the easiest beach gear to get in and out of. You can throw it on whether you’re wet or dry. There’s no hassle if you’re on your way to or back from the beach. It’s perfect to cover up over swimmers so once wet, you won’t be shivering or feeling the breeze in an open towel. The poncho covers from neck to lower thigh so all the important areas are protected. A hood is included so it can be really snuggled into. Deep pockets are great to hold a block of wax, keys or phone.

Constructed of micro fibre the Poncho has a very soft smooth feel. Fit is ample and generous so there’s plenty of freedom of movement.

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Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions40 x 30 x 20 cm


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