Stealth S1 Bodyboard Fins


Stealth S1 Bodyboard Fins are the original and best 100% natural all-rubber fin. Check out our range of bodyboards and accessories Online NOW!

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Stealth S1 Bodyboard Fins

The Stealth S1 Bodyboard Fins were Stealth’s original fins, and many still consider them the best. Stealth’s top Team Riders have their own signature versions of this fin, an indication of how well they perform. Packed with features, the S1 is constructed of 100% Malaysian rubber. This material provides softness and good feel in the foot pocket, while also being able to be built up and strengthened for the side edges. There are three strength bars on the bottom of the fin angling out from the centre. Adding stiffness, this ensures the energy you put in goes out rather than being lost in flopping around. The fin blades are also shaped like an arc with a specific fin for each foot, left and right. When side by side this configuration mirrors the natural power movement of the rear fin of dolphins and whales.

The rubber in these fins also floats, just below the surface. If you loose a fin just wait till the water settles and it will come to just below the surface. The water drainage hole assists in the exit of excess water and any other unwanted object like sand, pebble or weed.

Stealth’s classic S1 Bodyboard fin is a good option whether starting out or wanting to have a proven performer in your fin set.

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