Pyzel JJF Slab 2 Surfboard


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Pyzel JJF Slab 2 Surfboard. High energy for small waves. Single concave throughout, flatter tail rocker. Charger. Check our range of Surfboards Online NOW!


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Pyzel JJF Slab 2 Surfboard

The Pyzel JJF Slab 2 Surfboard is designed to be give you high energy in small mush. Bearing John John Florence’s initials it’s based on his direct experience at the QuikPro Snapper scoring a 9+ ride in onshore 2′ slop. Based on the smaller templates of John John’s quiver the Slab 2 has a full outline and rails. In this way you get more planning area and forgiveness so the rails don’t catch in the shifting chop. Real magic is in the bottom curve. A single concave starts at the nose deepening till the fins, then easing through the tail. This allows you to channel and maximise wave power. Along with a drop and flattening out of the rocker through the tail, you can feel the drive under your feet charging through the slop, throwing buckets off full sections and smacking lips.

The Pyzel JJF Slab 2 Surfboard is recommended to be surfed up to 3 inches shorter than your normal small wave board, and up to 1/2 an inch wider. This gives you the extra volume needed in the small mush while maintaining thickness and sensitivity under your feet. The Slab 2 is rate for waves 1-6 feet.


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