Orca Open Water Mens Full Sleeve Swimming Wetsuit


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Orca Open water Mens Full Sleeve Wetsuit is purpose made for great swimming performance, giving you high-vis safety. Check our wetsuits NOW!


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Orca Sonar Mens Full Sleeve Wetsuit

The Orca Open Water Mens Full Sleeve Wetsuit gives you elite level performance for training and swimming. It gives you the edge with advanced materials and technology. Using highest quality Yamamoto rubber the entire suit gives you the perfect balance between flexibility and support. The upper body uses lightweight high flexibility neoprene to maximise your swimming performance. Your arms move freely maximising your power and distance with each stroke, while minimising fatigue. The lower body gives you extra support and incorporates Aerodome 2 neoprene with extra air pockets. So you get 30% more buoyancy in the hips and the quads. This equates to a better swimming position reducing drag and giving you great swimming performance. The exterior of the suit has a very bright flouro panel so you get high-vis safety in the roughest darkest ocean conditions.

Advanced Features

Advanced materials and technologies are featured in your Orca Open water Mens Full Sleeve Wetsuit. The Yamamoto 39cell neoprene used is extremely flexible neoprene so supports an uninhibited natural swimming motion. 39cell has a 513% elongation rate, meaning super flex. The material is hydrophobic. So your suit doesn’t take on any water and you’re not carrying any extra weight. The high quality of the neoprene also equates to durability and longevity. The internal lining uses Super Composite Skin (SCS), a super low friction material giving you extra performance in the water. Internally the lining incorporates Nano SCS, another material that alters friction so greatly reducing chaffing. The inner lining uses a bamboo fibre material known for anti-bacterial and odour reducing properties. This material maintains body heat longer, great for long swims, and is also eco friendly so you’re helping the environment. Check out Wetsuits at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuits


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